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It’s your life and it’s your choice to transform your body & embrace a healthier and happy ‘you’ with our slimming dietary supplement.

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About Mosxy

Hey hey friends! I am CEOMai started sharing Sadi Slim to my friends when it worked for me. I am 35 lbs lighter in 4 months.I started to have a small merchandise store in social media to share the benefits. I know that many has suffering from being overweight and obesity. In lieu of my confidence of how the Sadi worked for me, i know it will also give hope to lose weight to others on the same limbo like me, with slow metabolism, little time to rest, no exercise and poor diet control due to being at school and work at the same time for 6 years. Plus, stalled 80% gain weight post pregnant state.


Who does not want to be on on normal BMI? No one! Too many procedures to lose weight chemically like Semaglutide injection and invasively like bariatric surgery. which costs and health risks are at stake. Sadi slim is all organic herb supplement with antioxidant. In my case it has minimal tolerable side - effects. I am so hesistant to open a business formally, however I could see the potential of the product to be loved by many. It’s name SADI is perfect which comes from a surgery procedure called SADI-S with effects of weight loss and diabetes control which exactly the promise of Sadi Slim. Then, MOSXY Trading Inc. was born to be a representative purchasing distributor of Hoang Huy Organic Trading and Development Company Limited, Sadi Slim and others. With a vision to reach worldwide is a history with a sprinkle of perseverance, humility, generosity and charm!


Doing the business, I know that I gave consent to people to criticize me, just like SADI SLIM that might be questioned or compared to those long existing same products in the market. Maybe new to market (6 years ) but SADI is the only one which happened to be perfect for me personally and economically. Some said it is expensive compare to others, hey friend, I worked for it and I advise you not buy if you will suffer anything! In starting something you have to be ready in all aspects without a grain of hesitancy!


MOSXY Trading Inc will find ways make it accessible and cheaper to all who wished to maintain normal BMI. With this said, MOSXY is ready! Again, as long there is one who believes in me all the way, not have to be everyone but can be just one!, and it has to be myself! All feedbacks will support perseverance and determination!


Remember, becoming successful does not have to be smooth all the time. Don't be surprised when one day you'll reach so far and all that you have passed by have gained a part of you, that you yourself have nothing left and they might be outshined you. It's fine! What's important is that once in your life, you made another body shines, feel lighter and fresh as new! Bye. bye! - CEOMAI

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